Increasing PWM voltage for 12v laser

I’m reviving an older conversation that’s closed. I have a Shapeoko 3XL and a Sculpfun S10 laser module attached to it. It works quite well when plugged in to the PWM port on the Carbide 3D control board. Unfortunately, the control board only puts out 5V PWM max and the Sculpfun module can take up to 12V. On a previous post, it was recommended that I get a logic board that would convert the 5V PWM to 12V. I have tried that, but it doesn’t work as I’m expecting. The laser stays on all the time and is not PWM controlled at all, from what I can tell. The image shows the board that I put between the PWM output from the CNC control board and the laser.

This is how I wired it:

1- PWM GND from control board
1+ PWM positive from control board
VCC: 12V+ from laser power supply, 12V+ to laser
GND: GND from laser power supply, GND to laser
o1: PWM signal to laser

Do you see any problems or reasons it’s not working?


I could not find documentation for that device in anything else than chinese so not helpful (to me)

Have you checked with a voltmeter what voltage you actually get between GND and o1 at the output, for a given value of the PWM voltage at the input? (that could can generate from the MDI using M3Sxxxx)

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