Increasing S3 hdz max speed

Im trying to figure out how fast the hdz can move without having issues with lost steps with a 2.2 kw water cooled spindle.

I have a product that I typically make on my c02 laser that has 3060 4 mm holes in a 16x26 piece. made from 1/4" wood. Customer would like to start making them out of hdpe also so it needs to be done in the router. I can get a 4mm doweling bit from amana.

My problem comes around when I realise that factory GRBL settings max z axis travel at 51 ipm. Is 100 ipm or more doable?

Recently moved houses and shops (major upgrade) and haven’t even had the time to set up the wood shop and cnc router have not been setup yet and im trying to get an idea of machining time required.

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