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TACLET PIN.c2d (503.8 KB)

I am wondering if someone good give me some help. I am trying to make an inlay into walnut with this design for a military member who is retiring as a gift. I cant figure out how to make a female and male end. Can anyone help me out? I am operating with carbide create, Shapeoko 3 XXL.


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The male plug should have a .1 inch start depth. If you start on top the male plug will just start in female pocket. You may think this is counter intutive but it works. The reason it works is the male plug must be slightly smaller than the female pocket. You want a small gap at the bottom of the female pocket to give glue a place to go. The male plug ahould not bottom out in the female pocket.

Depending on your female pocket depth you may need to increase/decrease the start depth of the male plug.

See my post oak and cherry inlay.Vcarve Inlay Oak and Cherry - #15 by gdon_2003

So I have seen this multiple times before and have not tried it yet. Like you discussed in your previous post while you were learning you were concerned about the start depth being too low and have the bit plunge into the surface 0.1 right away. Do you carve off the 0.1 first or does it really not matter that the start depth is .1 into the board?

Well it worked without pre removing material. The .1" a Shapeoko can handle. If you are worried then when you choose end mill set doc smaller. It will take longer to carve but it will be smoother.

Again it depends on your max depth. Over .2 would be a waste of time and wood.

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