Inlay Issues once again

So I’ve had inlay issues ever since I got my machine, just cannot seem to get it right no matter how many different formulas I use. In the past in carbide create I’ve used a max depth of .20 for the POCKET and start depth of .05/ max depth of .20 for my PLUG and seemed to work fine. Now once again with my current project the start depth of .05 has not been working for my plug. So I went through the forum again and decided to make my start depth .15 for my plug, and that just went horribly. I turned down the speeds and feeds for my bits because I realize my first cuts will be going significantly deeper and it still went worse than ever before. Everytime I go deeper with my start depth it ALWAYS turns out worse, but that is all I am reading to do so I am at a loss. Attached is my gcode and toolpath of my plug if anyone can help me figure this out. I have a deadline on this project and am starting to fall behind becuase this will be the 5th time redoing the pocket and plug.

The current project is a POCKET max depth of .25 (because I messed up previously with a .20 depth)

fire chief lid PLUG toolpath.c2d (377.4 KB)
fire chief lid (147.6 KB)

Quick question first. Why is your tool’s depth per pass sat at 0.500 (1/2’) when you are only cutting 0.100?

((Because that is going to result in a single pass cut (with no finish pass), rather than a few lighter cuts if it was less than the cutting depth))

What I do is some quick math (for a shallow 0.100 cut) is make the depth something like 0.090" so that the first cut is 0.090, and the second cut is a nice light finish cut of 0.010" But that’s me.

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Ok thanks for pointing that out, my depth per pass I meant to sent at .050 for the 30 degree… But I didn’t even get to that point as my 1/4 inch bit went so deep so fast that it knocked loose out of the collet after a couple minutes and went through my entire project into my MDF board… My only guess I should set my speeds and feeds even slower

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AND watch out for those typos…

I looked at your NC code and see that you are sending the Z -0.25 @ 40" min.

That is not (as you say) So deep so fast…

So I guess there is something wrong with your setup.

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