Inlay Saturday anyone?

This popped up in my YT feed, this is not done on a Shapeoko (definitely doable on one though) but I just had to share:

Tell me you don’t feel an urge to go and carve some inlays after you watch that video…
The rest of his work is equally inspiring.


So much work! I don’t see any gaps with glue either…


@WillAdams are you going to create the carbide create tutorial files for this one???

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Nope, that would be @fenrus , at least until such time as Carbide Create has a native inlay feature.

@Julien shares this video and says to himself, I have an idea for Community Challenge #21… Unless it’s been already done in the past.

Maybe not one of my first projects but something I imaging trying eventually. Thanks for sharing really enjoyed this, actually made me think of video’s I watched a while ago, this guy making Hattori Hanzo cutting boards… Then I realized it’s the same person.


Superb work! I was interested to note that only a small diameter endmill was used for the surfacing passes. With my inexperience I think I probably would have chosen a surfacing cutter of 25mm in diameter. Of course the endmill in use cut from the side so that was probably the reason.

It was also easy to see the guy cheating at one point where he appeared to have two right hands while spreading glue on parts of the tree. That could be a worthwhile modification offered by Carbide 3D for the people who are working in commercial production. :grin:

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