Inlay Work Progressing

Finally finished some inlay work after practicing on some very soft woods. I’ve been puttering around with different things, even pulling out my ShopSmith for the first time in 10 years and doing a mallet for a woman in CA.

I found that I had a piece of software to do the “envelope” of the text with just 3 steps after opening the app! Amazing for a very low cost piece of software.

These are Walnut & Popular bases. Two are wood on wood inlays and two are the bases with epoxy fill.

Things I’ve learned from doing these is that I need better clamping and I already knew I needed a small vacuum system for degassing both the cup of epoxy and any other work that gets epoxy fills. I was disappointed with the gold fill. Even in sunlight it is NOT the greatest! But these are practice pieces and will go into a raffle soon.

I did quite a few searches for the epoxy and found a place that sells Tow-Part Pint Kits for $24.00 and colorizers for $6.00 per 1 oz. bottle & metalic powders for $13.50 per 2 oz…The source is

I joined a group that meets in Kokomo, IN, an hour drive away but great gang of guys who mostly run actual 3D CNC systems.

So, now I’m getting dangerous! I want to do more! But, I still need to do a LOT of work on getting my shop organzied.

Oh, one last item. The black piece is the holder for the coasters and actually looks like a chunk of metal with the paint job I did.



You located in Indy?

No, 70 miles north in Hartford City.