Insects! and a frog :)

Hello Guys , Hope you all are doing very good and all your projects are going great! finished this insect theme wall art , sculpted with zbrush and milled with shapeoko , hope you like it :slight_smile:


Love it!
I especially like the uneven frames and so on… makes the the whole thing have a human character rather than perfectly machined which is often so sterile and lacking any mojo…


Thanks a lot Sir! really appreciate you kind words! yeah i like the uneven frames too :slight_smile:


My first though looking at the top row middle was “I need that for a door knocker”. Or maybe middle row right.

thanks! great idea about the door knocker :slight_smile:

I think you need to make your 3D designs available! You create great 3D models.


Your taste of subject is different. I saw your skulls and other creations a few weeks ago. Do you get nightmares about your creations? Very cool but somewhat disturbing to me. Good work. I am not a fan of bugs because i live in the country where it is bug city.


Interestingly, insects are an important part of the food web — there was an interesting science fiction novel which posited what might happen if all insects on earth were to suddenly die off:


Ha ha, the machinist creates arf for the Adams Family! :wink:

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Waou! Really nice! Give me some ideas for my guitars! :slight_smile: Beautiful! Love the uneven frames!

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These are terrific, love that frog in particular!

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Very detailed work, very nice! I love that frog, going to show my daughter later, frogs are her favorite thing.

(If you have a web store for patterns, would love to pick it up to try and make for her)

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