Installation of Carbide 3d T Track and Clamp kit on Shapeoko XL

Before I drill into underlying retaining screws, thought I would get some information from this group. I have layed out the pre cut and pre drilled MDF on my waste board. Best i can tell, the predrilled retention screw holes in the T Track kit line up with the retention holes in the waste board. #1 Am I correct in this observation? Assuming that’s the case, #2 Should I remove the M5 retention screws from the main waste board and replace with longer M5 screws? I’m guessing I will need M5 x 44+(or whatever length is recommended) if this is best practice?? If some one with experience or Will Adams can give me a recommendation, it would be greatly appreciated. I hope I can find these bolts locally at big box. Also, should these be flat head or what head configuration?

Thanks for reading and in advance for any help you can provide

Yes, the hardware interferes. No, don’t modify the machine. Just one or two screws are plenty to hold things in place — I didn’t bother with fasteners on my first T-track implementation and it was fine.

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