Interfaces and data and so forth

New topic from: Tutorial on feeds and speeds


It is interesting whether or no folks discover the interactivity for stuff such as!/vizhome/CNCFeedsandSpeeds/Sheet1?publish=yes

It was kind of interesting when the instructions noting that aspect of the Shapeoko 2 instructions were removed how many people:

  • expected it
  • found it and were surprised
  • never found it

specifically diagrams such as:

(you might have to click on that to open it in a new window)

While it’s neat that we have books such as Motion Mountain:

I’m surprised that early projects such as:

didn’t lead to more things such as: — arguably, this sort of effort is going into apps such as

Still a little miffed that my workplace wouldn’t get on board with developing these as I envisioned when the iPhone first launched.

Don;t be discouraged Will, I for one am very slow on the uptake of “new” technology. Reading this stuff I immediately see the viability for it’s use but for now I’m still deadlocked with replacing the roof on my house before I get my Shapeoko3 back into operation. That “elements” geometry stuff looks intriguiging I don;t have an ipad so I’d be using the elements html. Thanks for the post, I appreciate new ways to morph my brainwaves. Jude

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