Interlocking Heart Shaped Box

Does anyone happen to have a file on a heart shaped box where the top sits inside (interlocks) with the bottom? Tried a few things from Etsy, but none of them seem to want to cooperate.
Any help is greatly appreciated!




If not, can you work up some sort of sketch or source a reference photo? Make a prototype using cardboard and duct tape?

I have these if it helps. The vectors will require a tiny bit of chiseling to make them fit correctly.


Something like these?


For making puzzles fit together see:

@baldedbear I did this one a long time ago - I can dig up the c2d for it - if you’re interested:

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That looks great and is what I think the OP was after.

Very nice, would you mind sending the file?

I BELIEVE these are the two files…one for the bottom and one for the inside of the top. The engraving you do on the top if you want.
Heart Lid Cuts 7x7.c2d (384 KB)
Heart Bottom.c2d (228 KB)
It was a long time ago and I seem to have a lot of versions of this…but these were the “last modified”, so I’m guessing they’re the good ones.

Also, these were originally done in v6, so I converted them v7 here. I haven’t actually cut them from these files.



Thank you sir, I appreciate it

I manipulated the stock images of hearts in Create.
There are a bunch of different hearts.

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get yourself a nice heart shape and create tool path offsets to get the step for the overlay on the lid like the way ship lap works the difference between the two vertical surfaces is .003 it’s fairly easy. make two hearts exactly the same size, .375 inside offset on both (wall thickness) then another offset vector in between at .1875 this will be the overlap you will carve out .15 deep on the outside of that middle vector for the bottom and .16 deep on the inside of the middle vector on the lid half but don’t forget to factor in that .003 in between for a piston fit. if that makes any sense. I’ve never shared files but if you send me your email Ill give it a try.

This was partly made on the Shapeoko and partly on my table saw. I know it’s not exactly what you’re looking for but it came out really well!

The fit of the bins inside are so perfect that I had to trim the corners off so air could get out. If you drop a bin in it slowly lowers itself down. I LOVE the precision that CNC gives us!


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