Intermittent "stutter" at top of Z axis when homing

Hello, first post here, haven’t found any posts mentioning the same problem.

What happens: I turn the SO3 on, connect with CM, homing sequence begins, router reaches the top of the Z-axis and starts bouncing. In the past when this has happened I’ve simply re-booted everything and the issue went away. Today, no luck for 8 tries, then finally worked okay but still see 6 or 8 bounces before next step in the homing sequence. I’d like very much to stop this issue as it can’t be good for the tool. Thanks in advance for help.

I had a similar problem. I believe the homing switch for the z axis broke. Carbide 3D sent me a new homing switch that I need to install to see if that fixes it. There was some concern by technical support that it may be a controller board problem. Does your have the large capacitor on the top?

I have the most recent board, provided by C3D to remedy disconnect issues I was having. My next step is to contact them. Just thought I’d check to see if others on the forum have had the same issue.

You could try to put the Z switch on the Y and the Y switch on the Z and see if the problem is now in the Y and if the Z acts normal you will know for sure while waiting for a reply from carbide…Just an idea

I just replaced my Z homing switch and it works now.

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Thanks for the responses. I swapped the z and x axis switches and confirmed it is the switch. I sent an email to C3D requesting a new switch.

Great news,Glad it was figured out