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Just an FYI - 4GAS sells antenna for there system. I’m pretty sure they can tell you if you live close enough to any towers for it to work.

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have you call verizon to see what they can do for you we live in in south east ohio . do you have a4G smart phone. I senecaville ohio we get 40 to 55download speeds I had to call them.

Just one more thing to look at while your making your decision is the data limiter for each company, Hughes net will dumb you down to just 1-3 mbs after just 50 gigs, no matter what for the $130 per month plan

while the plan with Viasat/excede will only slow you down during busy hours after 100 GB of data usage, respectively, we may prioritize your data behind other customers during network congestion.

I used a bandwidth meter every hour with Excede and even when we went 10 times passed the 100gb data we still had 15-20 mbs during our slow times (congestion is 6-10pm usually.). Never once down to 1-3. Im talking about atleast 3 devices streaming netflix all month long… never an issue with video quality.

Its costly but worth being able to have the speeds. the others are like having Dial up internet once passed your data limit.

Best of luck. Hope you get it sorted out soon.



I have talked to Verizon so many times. They are no help they just want me to reset my phone, one and done as far as they are concerned. One thing that has helped is when I pick my network the default is “Global” but you can pick “CDMA”. I found that setting to CDMA works better when the network speed changes to 3g and back to 4g. The CDMA negotiates back up to 4g where “Global” never seems to go back up. The Verizon signals are CDMA and I do not travel internationally so I just set it to CDMA and it works better.


Thanks for the Exceed/Viasat information. At first glance between Viasat and HughesNet I was going to pick HughesNet. I have done more research and as you found out they strictly enforce data limits and throttling, where it seems Viasat only throttles when the network is busy and lets you run full speed even when you hit the data limits. I want internet but also want to stream TV. The satellite TV is full of channels I have no interest in and just want to pick and choose. Modern cable cutting. I have two subscriptions (gifts) for CrunchyRoll and want to use them when I get a more realistic speed.

It has turned cooler and been raining. Next week I hope to put up my antenna pole and put my antenna up higher and see if that works. If it does not next stop Viasat.


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