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Hello, My name is Frank and I’m a new XXL owner. I’ve had it up and running for about a week now. So far, so good. I’ve had plenty of question but have been able to find answers here and elsewhere. Thanks to all that post here. Regards, Frank Haslet, TX


Welcome, and enjoy the ride!


Did you download @Julien Shapeoko e-book V2? This excellent reference will provide you answers to most questions.


Welcome @franka! It’s great to have ya.

Welcome @franka!

What sort of projects have you been doing, or plan to do? feel free to share them all here!

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Welcome @franka hope you enjoy this place it is a great place if you get stuck on something with your machine or project

Thanks Stu. I’m still finishing up the install. Have completed the Hello project last week and today I completed the Meyers Wasteboard project. In between I’ve been finishing off the workbench, trying to use Carbide Create to produce some drawer pulls and hold downs. So far I tried the drawer pulls twice and I’m getting close.

While I have plenty of robotics experience, I’ve never worked with CAD other then to view drawings. Right now I’m running on temporary power, an old laptop with one USB port, no vac connection and an unfinished workbench cabinet.

Thank goodness for Home Depot and Amazon.

At this time I’m planning on using the Shapeoko to make signs and other woodworking projects.

Thanks Julien, I’ve enjoyed reading your post.

Thanks Luc, I will do that.

Thank you Zen, great to be here.

Thanks Dennis I’m glad to be here and hope to some day contribute in some way.

Welcome Frank!

What kind of experience? I’m intrigued.

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Welcome Frank … Welcome

I work in the clinical diagnostics lab business. All of our large analyzers are robot based.


I work from home supporting these analyzers that are mostly used as blood supply screeners.


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