Inventables X-Controller

Anyone tried the inventables X-controller ? https: // I did a search on the forum and was surprised to get zero results. Any reason why it would not work?

Seems like it would “work” since it is just Grbl packaged up with a power supply a case and a button, but I don’t think Carbide Motion would think you have a Shapeoko anymore.

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It should work as @markwal noted — kind of pricey for what you get though — and you’d have to give up using Carbide Motion, and it still probably wouldn’t work well w/ Easel, since it’s the different number of steps for the Z-axis which is usually the problem there AIUI.

Other control board options would include:

  • Stepoko from Sparkfun — fully opensource, and you’d still be able to use Carbide Motion after asking for an activation code
  • Gradus M1 Pro from Panucatt — also opensource, and replaceable stepper drivers (which is handy if one blows one) — also supports electronic current setting if you get boards which support that, and supports drivers which will drive larger motors if you’re looking to upgrade
  • Smoothieboards — opensource, and have a nifty standard for using Ethernet to connect the machine — usually a machine has to be wired to the wall, so why not use a wired network connection? Smoothieboard then affords a web page control option which your wireless router can make available to any device on your network

List with links here: