IOT relay problems

I am trying to get my xxl up and running and having issues around the IOT relay.

I wired it up as I saw in the schematics and carefully made sure the pwm/grnd is in the correct place but it seems like its acting backwards from how it should. It powers the router up(slow) when I first turn it on and it will run while it initializes if its turned on. Then when I turn it off, zero everything out, and then turn it back on when I start the program the router powers down. I have triple checked my pwm/grnd wires are correct but I am wondering if it isn’t backwards somewhere? thanks in advance for any help. I have had this thing for a month and its been nothing but err’s and disappointment.

Works for me using all versions of Carbide Create and Carbide Motion from the last year I’ve had my IOT. I’m assuming that by telling us that you’ve wired it correctly and that you’ve cripple checked the wires, that part must be correct. Send a picture of the wiring if you’re concerned and we can take a gander (although I haven’t had mine open to look at in quite some time).

Are you sure that you have the router plugged into the correct socket? It should be into a “normally off” socket with the router’s onboard power switch turned on. Aside from running a program, use the “Spindle on/off” button in the Jog screen to test it. Also in the MDI screen, “M3” will start the router, and “M5” will turn it off.



this causes PWM output to be 5V

M5 turns it off