Is C360 free machining brass too much for Nomad 883?

I am planning to mill a custom watch case from C360 free machining brass bar stock that is 0.625" thick. Is this too much for the Nomad 883?

If not, what are the recommended settings to successfully machine this material?

As far as I can discover from online sources, the Brinell scale hardness for 360 brass is 141 and the 6061 aluminum used in the following video is only 95.

However, I do see that Apollo made a project from brass, though I don’t know which kind:

Is attempting to machine a watch case from 360 brass stock a bad idea?

Apollo did a bunch of brass at one point but you’re right, it is harder than aluminum. I think the brass we did was old stuff we had in the shop so I don’t know what kind it was. It’s worth doing a test cut with C360 but just remember to take shallow cuts.