Is it my imagination?

When I move objects in CC, I use the left mouse button. Tonight, I was using the mouse and accidentally used the right mouse button. (I use a mouse left-handed without reversing the mouse keys. I just hold the mouse sideways. It’s a left handed kind of thing) I noticed that the object moved much more smoothly. Am I imagining this? For very fine, detailed moves, it seems that I can do it with pinpoint accuracy with the right mouse button as opposed to the left button.

Can somebody please let me know if I am going insane, or if I am having a CVA?

This has gone into my list of useful…“stuff” that makes it possible to create better models.

You may have grabbed it from a point that wouldn’t snap to the grid vs a point that would?


That’s what I thought too, but wherever I grabbed didn’t seem to make a difference. Smoother on the right. Did you try it? Maybe I just have a psychotic mouse? It’s almost like the right mouse button puts the “snap to grid” on hold?

Having right mouse, or shift+left drag, or something disable snapping would be great, but I can’t replicate what you’re seeing.


Thanks for checking. It’s most noticeable when I am fully zoomed in, tight to the work. I just tried it again and same results…left button jerky, right button smooth as silk. I’ll have to try with a different mouse. As long as it works that way, I’ll keep using it. I appreciate your checking. I thought maybe it was something I had not noticed when I changed to build 313.

Walks away…scratching head…

And just to double check jerky doesn’t mean snapping to grid?

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It “appears” to be snap-to-grid with left mouse and not snap-to-grid with the right mouse. The effect is that the right mouse shuts off snap-to-grid. If you zoom in VERY tight to your work, it is more noticeable. I was moving in amounts somewhere around .05 inches when I noticed the effect. At that magnification, I wouldn’t expect snap-to-grid to be a factor either way. It just seems to really, really smooth out the motion with the right mouse.

Weird. For me 313 works as it normally does, if you grab it from a ‘named vertex’ like ‘end’ or ‘midpoint’ it snaps but if you grab it from an unnamed area it drags normally.

Right-click-drag doesn’t (shouldn’t) move parts, it (should) pan(s).

I believe I suggested the pan thing and it’s amazing, but it definitely moves parts if you initially press the right mouse button over a part. I’d like to see right click ignore parts in favor of pan and a non-snap mode drag enabled with shift+drag or ctrl+drag or something. Perhaps Shift+Drag always snaps regardless of the setting and Ctrl+Drag never snaps regardless of the setting?


Okay, something else for the documentation. Looks like we have the following modes:

  • left-click-drag selection — drags and snaps to grid (if snapping is enabled)
  • left-click-drag starting on empty area — will create a new selection of any object(s) which have geometry within the selection area
  • right-click-drag selection — drags without snapping —
  • right-click-drag on empty area — pans
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Did you confirm that or just going off the post content? I wasn’t able to replicate the smooth-drag behavior with the right-drag. Would really love to see CC move towards keyboard modifiers, ideally borrowing from illustrator or another common vector app when possible, would only reduce the learning curve for lots of folks.


I’ve been pushing for all the standard keyboard modifiers since Carbide Create was launched but more important is to get the curve tool set up so that it can do something other than smooth curves.

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So…neither my mouse, nor I, are psychotic. Thank-you all for confirming what I was seeing.