Is Machining Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Material (e.g. FR4, Garolite) Dangerous?

For everyones information, I have many decades of machining experience (hand milling, 3, 4, and 5 axis CNC machining) and have taught students and helped people learn machining and CNC.

I also help with the design of CNC machine enclosures, dust handling, noise handling, and air quality issues.

I’ve seen too many people with damaged lungs (due to the small particles) and ears generated by todays equipment… That’s why I warn people and help them find solutions within their budgets that provide the most protection.

I have a Nomad on order. It’s cute! A small mini-mill inside the house will serve me well. Mine will have the HDPE sides. I will modify it to have a vacuum outlet and any necessary inlets. The vacuum outlet will use the same fitting as I have on the enclosure I designed for my mini 5 axis CNC mill.

These mini-mills are not large and do not need top end fittings and equipment. Plastic fittings, low cost anti-static hoses, plastic cyclone dust separators, HEPA filters and a good vac allow for good, inexpensive and safe solutions. Be safe!