Is STL carving on the Carbide Create roadmap?

It seems that many people stay with Carbide Create until some feature forces them to a different CAM solution. For me that is 3D carving of STLs. Is STL import and carving on the Carbide Create roadmap?

With CC Pro and @fenrus tool, you already can:

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To expand on that, I don’t believe that STL import will be added since that would compete w/ MeshCAM.

Or just @fenrus tools


This implies that Carbide3D is intentionally avoiding competing with MeshCAM. If that is the case, I am struggling to understand the market segment that CC Pro is meant to address vs. CC or CAD/CAM products not produced by Carbide3D.

Why doesn’t Carbide3D include a license for CC Pro with all products or decide to make CC Pro a real competitor to products like MeshCAM, Vectric vCarve? The current approach seems to hobble Shapeoko users with limited features in CC while CC Pro charges comparable prices to more advanced CAD/CAM offerings without delivering comparable functionality?

I own a Shapeoko Pro XXL, gave CC Pro a try and ultimately settled on Vectric vCarve Desktop. MeshCAM also looks pretty great. When I tried it, CC Pro was buggy and feature poor vs. VCarve. I reported bugs to They were reproducible and acknowledged by Carbid3D and may have been fixed, but I’m unable to tell if the issue has been fixed as my CC Pro trial window has expired.

Above commentary may sound like a rant, but I’m intending to ask honest questions and provide constructive feedback to Carbide3D.


STL machining might make it into CC Pro at some point but it’s not likely to ever be in that standard, free version of Carbide Create.


I believe Carbide 3D owens MeshCam. Adding STL into Carbide Create Pro might undermined the MeshCam business model.

It’s true. The CEO of Carbide3D also makes the amazingly great MeshCAM software. It helps me understand why Carbide3D’s software product strategy is what it is. I don’t agree with it and see it as a conflict of interest, but I have no financial stake in the company.

I do think that Carbide3D’s product marketing as it relates to the Shapeoko CNC and accompanying software could be more transparent. In a reply to this thread that has been deleted Will indicated that the company doesn’t think that many Shapeoko owners need or want anything beyond CC/CC Pro for CAM. This doesn’t match what is shown in all of Winston’s videos where almost always turns to Autodesk or other 3rd party CAM solutions when he makes great products on the Shapeoko. Rarely does he turn to CC Pro and very few videos reference what is possible in CC.

As Will says:
“The limitations of Carbide Create are why I use other programs for all but the simplest of designs”

Other CNC solutions, including the Nomad, come with more advanced CAM software. It would be great if the same were true for Shapeokos - especially the Pro that I purchased.

Has Carbide3D conducted a recent survey of Shapeoko owners to understand what features customers need and which CAD/CAM products they are using. I ended up buying VCarve, bit might have bought MeshCAM if the machine came with a trial and discount.

Just some thoughts from someone who is a product manager and thinks about such things. I’m not a CAD/CAM expert yet, though I want to be. Please take them in the spirit in which they are intended - to share an honest perspective and spark constructive discussions on the topic.


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