Is temperature a concern?

I’m going to begin assembling my Shapeoko XXL this week. I am planning on setting it up in my garage. But, I live in PA and it can get very cold in the winter. So, before I did this - I wanted to make sure that the cold wouldn’t hurt the machine. Will it be OK out there?

There’s been a bit of discussion about this — consensus as best I recall:

  • condensation on the electronics is a potential concern — if possible, use a lamp to warm things up slowly and an enclosure to limit moisture
  • belts are well w/in their operating temperature range (even up in Canada), but temperature expansion may be a concern — before doing a job w/ exacting tolerances it may be necessary to recalibrate for belt stretch:

Actually, it has a lot in common w/ a car in terms of mechanicals and so forth, so should be fine — just we expect it to perform w/ a bit more precision.

FWIW, I keep mine (an XL) in my basement and move it out onto the deck for some cuts, then put it away.

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