Is the time estimate correct?

Hi all. I ordered my Nomad Pro approx 1 month ago. At the time, the site said it would be approx 10-12 weeks. Have they been making progress, meaning I’m about 6-8 weeks from shipment, or are we still 10-12 weeks? Any updates would be appreciated.


I ordered mine 10 weeks ago and emailed asking for a lead time update the other day. They said ~late January, so about a 6-8 week slip.

Please remember that with those order times your orders were wrapped up in the Nomad 883 to Nomad 883 Pro conversion. The delay is offset by the fact that you get a “Pro” rather than a “Std”.

Yes, it’s no fun waiting but I can tell you that the Pro is really nice!


pretty sure someone got his pro 13 weeks after order date. that was 5ds ago

Great. That’s what I wanted to know…if it would just say 10-12 weeks forever, with nothing going out, or was it actually quasi correct.