Is there a better spindal to upgrade

Is there a better spindal to upgrade From the DWP611 because I am hearing that one has issues and the spindal just quits working. So I would like to upgrade to a more reliable spindal.

The DWP611 works as well as most routers.

Other options: an Ugra or a Kress would be a good option. I use a Makita.

Richard’s opinion corner…

I have 3 spindles, and will talk about my favorite two.

I have used the Dewalt DWP611 for many hundreds of hours, and it’s a great router. Changing the brushes after a year or two of use should not be looked down upon as a defect; this is considered normal maintenance. It’s a very strong and robust spindle choice, and has a fantastic THREE year warranty. Speed: 16k to 30k Great for aluminum brass, all woods, and many plastics.

My second is the Makita RT0700. Another good strong machine, but a pain if you can’t get a 65mm to 69mm bushing. It’s quieter and provides a lower speed (10K - 30K), and is great for aluminum, brass, steel, all woods, and most plastics, and if you bought a machine after Sept 16, it now includes a bushing. I do like the Makita brand but not their ONE year warranty. PS It will require replacement brushes too (someday).


My opinion of Chinese water cooled Spindles? Not in my house. I’ve looked at a bunch on them here and in China and the quality is poor, NO customer service, and while there are a few good ones out there, there are also many companies making crappy copies and here in America it’s impossible to sift through the junk to find the few. I have spent MANY months in China, and always laugh at this statement from a reputable shop owner. Everything in China in a copy even the real stuff, so caveat emptor.

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