Is there a possibility to allow us to modify our own homing and initialization speeds?

With many of us having different tables and different use cases it might be a massively beneficial to some feature to allow us to modify our speeds during startup. At the current settings y2 and y1 motors sound like the THX logo in theatres if you remember going to the movies in the early 2000s but if it was sped up by say 10 to 20 percent it would harmonize less.

Is this a possibility or are there some safety features associated with it C3D wouldn’t like to let people into similar to our spindles?

There are GRBL variables that control the homing speeds. If you run Carbide Motion setup, it will over-write these values, but you can change them yourself after that.

$24, $25, $26 and $27 control homing. I would write down the current values before making any changes.

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What version of Carbide Motion are you running? The default speeds have changed a bit over the years. :slight_smile:

I have my homing slowed down and my accelerations turned down on my hdm because the stock settings are too abrubt for my tastes.

There was a lengthy thread on this for previous settings and Carbide Motion versions:

which should cover the tradeoffs.

Note that you will need to enable MDI under Settings | Options.