Is there a way to get a Vcarve or Aspire to communicate with the Bitrunner V2?

I have the bitrunner v2 running on a Shapeoko 5 pro. Works fine using carbide create. I also have Aspire 10.5 and have installed Neil’s PP with the Tool change option and it doesn’t turn the router on. Has anyone been able to get this setup running with vcarve or aspire?

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What speed are you setting for RPM?

Could you post a sample G-code file?

I have it set to 18,000 RPM. I’ve attached a sample G-code file below. (7.7 KB)

The G-code isn’t setting 18,000 RPM:

M6 T2

but 3,125 RPM — if you can increase that number to more than 10,000 that should cross the min. threshold to power up the spindle.

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I just went into my tool database to check the speed setting for hte 60 degreee V-bit I was using and and low and behold, it was set to 3,125. Totally makes sense now, I had downloaded a tool database from another post that’s supposed to mirror the tool database in carbide create. I probably should have fully reviewed the settings before trying. I’ll correct the settings and try it again tomorrow. I’ll post my results once I have them. Thanks for your help. I’m still fairly new at this, but I’m getting the hang of it!

Just had a moment to try it with the correct RPM settings and it worked!


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