Is this the correct nut to adjust the slack out of the zx carrier?

I have a bit of slack in my setup and I don’t think tightening this particular nut is mentioned in the assembly instructions. I keep getting small edges that are rough and on the entire machine, this is the only thing that has even the most minute amount of slack. I noticed it after I installed a dust boot. I put an arrow on it in the pic. I assume clockwise would be the way to turn it.

That and the one above it is an eccentric nut for your Z axis. Adjusting those will tighten your Z plate. Do you have a picture or better description of these rough edges every where?

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Good deal, thanks. I am going to pull the router back off and adjust it. It does say in the assembly instructions to adjust roller(s), plural but the pic only shows the top one. I flat missed that putting it together. In the bottom pic, you can see where the cut isn’t clean in a few places and I bet that’s what’s causing it. I really noticed it after putting on the dust boot.

That did the trick. It’s as tight as the rest of the machine now. If my resurfacing bit shows up tomorrow, I can finally level my wasteboard and work on installed some tracks and clamps. I hope everyone has a good weekend.


Both are marked here.

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