Is this wire correct?

The bitzero wire got cut and lost so I don’t have the end of it to go by. I made a new one but is it correct before i try to power it up


It looks like your red and white are switched. The pin out is the same as the connector above

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Really? Can you post a picture of yours? How do these connectors completely disregard 5v written there?

inside the bitzero red has 5v written there too.

When In doubt, use the multimeter

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lol can you pull back the heat shrink

Looks right to me.

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THANKS! It appears to be right!

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Is the inside of the Shapeoko 5 electronics box?

It’s an HDM. I would assume they are the same.

I don’t think so…

Both my photo and his show the same pinout. I assume his is a So5 and mine is an HDM?

Are you referring to the controller board? Yeah those are different. I was referring to the pinout of the bit setter.

I was. Sorry for the confusion.

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Just a casual and mostly uninformed observation that those could be the same boards as they both say major tom in the bottom left. Jule you may have noticed this already, but it seems like the bitsetter connector has the red wire going to ground (same issue you mentioned for bitzero). Part of me thinks it doesn’t matter what color the wires are as long as the connectors are wired/inserted right, but if you’re cutting/splicing, might have gotten rearranged.

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