Is V6 to Mach3 Controller

Is V6 compatible with Mach3 router Controller?

It should be — just select Basic G-code or Grbl as the post-processor.

Should work in v7 Pro as well — if that doesn’t work, let us know at

Grbl, the firmware which we use, uses LinuxCNC as the reference implementation for G-code, and in turn, LinuxCNC was modeled on Mach3, so should be be compatible.

Mach3 and LinuxCNC (renamed from EMC2 after the storage company EMC threatened to sue) are both descendants of the NIST’s Enhanced Machine Controller project in the 1990s. Afaik EMC was the first attempt to use a personal computer to control a CNC machine. Neither Mach or LCNC are based on each other, they share a common ancestor

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