Issue with Idler Assembly

I am putting together my new Shapeoko 3 XXL and have an issue with the Idler Assembly (I think). Here is a picture of the part I am talking about from the online guide:

It appears that the bolt should be able to slide in the slot of the X Carriage (correct me if I am wrong). But in my case the the bolt (which was preinstalled despite the guide saying you install it yourself) is super super tight in the slot. Clearly whoever assembled it had to actually screw it into the slot (not slip it in). I tried filing down the powder coating buts its going to take a lot more filing than that for it to be able to move at all.

Before I go filing and messing something up. Is this expected/normal? Its going to take a lot filing to get it corrected.

After further reading in the guide it should definately be able to slide. Guess I need more filing :frowning:.

My machine is from summer 2016, but it definitely slides and I had to do no filing. Is it possible that the wrong size screw/bearing set is installed? I don’t have access to the wiki from this PC, but maybe @WillAdams will drop a link by for the BOM to make sure you have the correct hardware?


The B.O.M. is at:, but yes, there was a run of plates where this was too tight, and the slot needed to be opened up — please do so as needed.

Thanks Will. Didn’t take as much additional filing as I thought. Got it sorted.

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