Issue with left Y Rail

Just started having an issue with my 5 pro yesterday. I was cutting a juice groove and on the 2nd pass I noticed that I had about a 1/16th" shift of the groove down from the point of origin. I had done about 20 of these grooves last week with out an issue. Figured maybe my material had shifted so didn’t think much about it till just now when I was doing a V Carve with a flat bottom and noticed that same issue is happening, looks like the Y axis is shifting by about .060. Did some checking on tightness. Spindle is great, everything is tight and working like it should till I put a little pressure on the left side of the Y rail. Noticed a bunch of play, I can slide the left side back and forth about 1". if I rotate the screw by hand I can get over a full turn with out the stepper motor coupling moving. ( Machines turned on) I’m thinking that’s not normal. Right side Y doesn’t move at all. Any ideas ? I’ll contact support also but thought I would throw it up here 1st

If I understand the symptom correctly, this might well be a loose setscrew on the left Y motor pulley, check that?

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The SO5 Pro doesn’t have a pulley on any axis.

Possible problems are loose DAC and other mechanical parts for the ball-screw and motor.

Figured it out ! A loose set screw at the coupler for the stepper motor to ball screw. However while fixing that I removed the stepper motor and the ball screw slid out of the front piece with the spring retainer that has all the little ball bearings and they are now sitting on my table :frowning: Any ides how to put that back together ???

Saw your ticket on support.

It will be escalated to someone (not me) who actually has experience with this aspect of the machines.

While researching it, I did find this video:

which I am not advocating as a fix, but merely for informational purposes.

Thanks Will, I appreciate it, both you and Julien are great resources for this site. Julien was on the right track with the loose set screw. It would have been a simple fix had I just rotated till I could see the little set screw. Oh well…
I went and started looking closely at the items I’ve been cutting the last several weeks and l am definitely seeing it’s been an issue for a few weeks. Thanks again to you and Julien both !!


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