Issue with my XXL X-axis limit switch (maybe?)

As a shapeoko newbie I thought this would be a great place to ask a question.

I’ve been assembling by new XXL (machine #9975) and just finished up the wiring section. I was testing to see if the limit switches hit at the right places by manually moving everything with my hand and the only problem I saw was with the x-axis one. The tab on the bottom side of the Z plate is hitting the Y2 carriage before the limit switch is pushed in any (at least from what I can tell). Its very possible its hitting just enough to trigger it, but I’d rather fix a problem now before I spend time squaring the machine. Has anyone else noticed this? I’m sure I can come up with a fix, but wanted to check before I started modifying things.

Show us a picture of the position of the switch which the carriage on the rail - it’s likely the bracket isn’t installed quite.

As @mikep noted, a picture will help — usually the problem is one mixes up the X and Y limit switch plates.

If that’s not the case, loosening the hardware in question, pulling it into the desired alignment, then tightening it usually helps.

I’ll check the those two brackets/switches when I go in to work later this morning (and take those pictures for you) to make sure I didn’t mix them up. It might be affected how square the machine is also, as its just a 1/32" off it seems, and my machine has the common x-rail askew problem. I’m fairly confident I can fix it with shims, since its off the same amount on the front right (with the gantry pulled all the way forward) as the back left (with the gantry pulled all the way back).

I checked the limit switches and I had them in the right places, it was pretty obvious to me where each should go with their placement in the wiring harness and the photos of the instructions. After squaring the machine I adjusted the x-axis switch just a hair and its fine. Thanks for the quick response !

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