Issue with Touch Screen on PI with CM

I have been using the raspberry PI build of CM on. 10” touch screen. It works great with one exception. Whenever I click the Quick Actions button the touch capability quits working inside the app. It still works on the computer itself as I am able to click the X to close CM and then reopen.

Has anyone else seen this behavior?

I use an Rpi with a 7" touchscreen & for the most part, the touchscreen works pretty consistently & reliably. But every so often I’ve had an issue with the touchscreen responsiveness just quitting for no apparent reason or possibly when changing window states? It did seem to do it less if I hadn’t been using the MDI window to issue direct commands or switching to another application. A couple times I’ve had CM just crash & disappear in the middle of a job - not sure if I had been mucking with other settings or stuff before starting those jobs or not. My procedure for running jobs reliably then involves making sure to start a fresh instance of CM, especially before a long or critical job run. I have yet to test out the latest version of CM for the Rpi - changelog seems to indicate that some bug-fixing has been implemented since the version I last used.

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