Issues after updating grbl 1.1 and CM4

I’ve had my SO3xxl for over a year and using vcarve without any issues. Did some cleaning and checking screws.Decided to update software. All that went well. Tried to start a new waste board. Set zero, loaded the file, started and the spindle went clear left and out past the frame. Everything I have tried has not fixed it. I am probably missing something simple. I have tried to search for a solution but didn’t find anything but may not have worded it correctly.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Usually this sort of problem is caused by a disconnect in where the origin is set in the file, and how you are declaring the origin on the machine.

Please review:

If you continue to have difficulties send in the source .c2d file, generated G-Code and step-by-step instructions on how you are setting zero.

Thank you for the quick reply.I feel really stupid. The use offset was checked in vcarve. I figured it was something simple. Thank you again.

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