Issues opening file, project is all off

I use my desktop to create my projects and save them to network drive to access then in my garage on my laptop to do the carving. But today i noticed something strange. Both computers are using build 648.

Here is what project looks like on desktop. 24x11 board, panels are supposed to be 11W x 3.5H.

But when i open it on my laptop, where is what i get. Dimensions are correct, but text is all off/skewed. Yeah yeah i know i can just modify it on my laptop, but using laptop to edit vice mouse sucks. Any ideas what is causing this?

I just downloaded 652 version and still does this.

The font looks to be of a different type. Do you have the same fonts loaded on both computers?


Well don’t i feel like a horses patoot. Didn’t even see that. Thanks. That is the issue. UGH

LOL! Now that’s funny. I haven’t heard that one in years.

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