Issues opening .gcode files from jscut

I haven’t used my Shapeoko 3 for several months, been busy doing other stuff outside all summer. I sat down the other day to work on a project and ran into an issue getting Carbide Motion to open .gcode files from jscut. It would appear that jscut does not format their comments in a way that Carbide Motion will accept. This certainly hasn’t always been the case, but in at least the latest version of Carbide Motion is has began rejecting the syntax.

jscut does line comments to indicate changes in z axis direction, cutting/non cutting actions, ect. These line comments take the form of:

; This is a line comment in jscut

Carbide Motion now throws a syntax error everytime it encounters a line that begins with a semi colon.

If I go through and delete these lines Carbide Motion throws no errors but this is a really annoying process especially when my file has over 10,000 lines. I’m thinking about just writing a script that strips all the comments out, but was just curious if anyone else has been experiencing this?

I would like to switch over to Carbide Create but the lack of support for tabs is keeping me with jscut.

Additional info: Everything was working completely fine back early this spring. I received a new controller board from Carbide because I was getting random USB disconnects. I installed the new board and installed the latest version of Carbide Motion and tested to ensure that I was able to move the router with the jog feature and then I just left it until the other day. I attempted to load gcode from jscut and received a syntax error, so I upgraded to the latest version of Carbide Motion and had the same problem.

Use a regular expression to remove the lines w/ semi colons — that’s one find-replace for the entire file.

Agree that CM should support all types of commenting. Perhaps use something else? I’ve had good luck w/ bCNC

I just find it odd that all of a sudden it doesn’t work. jscut hasn’t changed anything, I compared gcode output from the live webapp with output from the standalone app that I downloaded last year and it is the same, so it has to be something that was changed in Carbide Motion.

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