Issues with Carbide Motion V3 356

I’m using Carbide Motion V3 356 on PC running Windows 7 to drive a Nomad. I notes a couple of issues, 2 I think rise to the level of bugs:

When I set a zero, sometime when I return to jogging (set zero in say X, hit return, click done), I can not use the arrow keys/page up/down to jog. Sometime I can. This is annoying.

If I complete a zeroing session and then clip “information” then “jog”, in order to force the machine through a homing cycle (I’ll tell you why I do that in a minute), the Nomad moves in X before moving in Z. That is, it moves the cutting head to the right, before ensuring that the cutter is fully up. This I think is a serious bug.

The final issue is that when I am zeroing the cutter, the machine does not take the Z value the first time I home Z. In order to get it to take the Z value, I have zero it in Z, then go through the info -> jog -> homing cycle, confirm that his has not taken the Z value, re-zero Z, and check again. It never takes it the first time, and always takes it the second time. I have had a couple of crashes because of this. This I think is a serious bug as well. And it drives me nuts.

If I’m doing something wrong let me know, but I have spent a lot of time trying to see what I’m doing wrong.