Issues with V Carving

Hi everyone, hoping I can get some advice. I have been trying to carve an Eagle, Globe, and Anchor file for some time now and have not had too much success. Using regular v-carve didnt work at all so i tried doing advance v-carve… either way my design either goes too deep or I continue to get tear out. Any advice would be great. I am attaching the file in case anyone is would like to try… thanks everyone. ega4.c2d (1.9 MB)

Please post the generated G-Code, step-by-step notes on how you are securing your stock and setting zero relative to it, and how you are managing tool changes and a photo showing an attempt at cutting still in place on your machine.

You did not mention what type of wood. Oak is stringy and when you cut a 90 degrees to the grain direction (cross cut) you tend to get tear out.

Cherry and Maple carve quite well but all are subject to tear out.

To avoid tear out use something to seal the wood prior to carving. You can use dewaxed shellac, lacquer sanding sealer or similar top coats even polyurethane. When you get the carving you will sand most of your finish off. Just be sure to use a coating that will be compatible with your finish coat. Dewaxed shellac is compatible with almost all top coats water or oil.

This is the dewaxed version. The waxed version is ok for a finish coat but is not good for an intermediate coat.

If you buy shellac flakes you mix it up with denatured alcohol dissolving the flakes. Then you let the mixture set and wax floats to the top and you skim it off. Shellac is produced by bugs in India that excrete the shellac and it is harvested and prepared and made into flakes in various colors.

You can buy the prepared Shellac in two forms at the big box stores, Rockler, Woodcraft and other retail locations. Just get the dewaxed if you want to top coat with any other product.

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