Ist Run Question

Fully assembled ! Hello World looks great
Doing some “AIR” cutting.
Using Fusion 360 do i use the carbide 3d post?

Yep! Use the Carbide3D one and make sure to download the recent one that fixes an update. Check out Carbide3D’s YouTube channel for info.

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the recent one on Who’s website Autodesk or Carbide3d im running the latest Fusion Update

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If you’re starting fresh, you probably have the latest Carbide 3D post processor, but why not check, eh? In the Post Process dialog in Fusion 360, select “Carbide 3D (Grbl) / carbide3d” in the Post Configuration section, then hover your mouse over the drop-down and the version information will pop up. Alternately, you can click the “Open config” button to see the post processor code. You’re looking for version 42201 (with “Date: 2018-11-21 09:02:19” if you opened the config).

If you’d need to update, see “How to add a Post Processor to your Personal Posts in Fusion 360” or “How to install a cloud post processor in Fusion 360”, and you can download the post processor from this link to Autodesk’s post library.

And for completeness, the YouTube video explaining the issue the latest post processor addressed:


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