It would be great if more posters could share cutting parameters

There are loads of great things shown in the various categories and many share their final cut files.

It would be great if more posters could include a bit more info in the actual post…tool used, feeds and speeds. It would be a great place for newer cncers to start with the design of their own projects… Vcarve on bamboo cutting boards are a case in point.

The basic tutorials are great to get going but it would keep up interest if one could adapt a proven project using feeds and speeds proven to work for some more advanced products while still working thru the more basic tutorials.

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Come on, trial and error is part of the fun!

I’ll agree with @Gerryattrick on this one, and at some point a long time ago we had even come up with some kind of “template” that folks could use to report on their feeds and speeds (because they are only interesting if ALL info is mentioned, i.e. tool characteristics, RPM, feedrate, depth of cut, width of cut. If one of them is missing, you can’t really conclude/extrapolate anything

CutRocket is a good way to get feeds and speeds for a given project you see, since you can download the c2d file and inspect it (ditto for Fusion360 links)

But I always do encourage folks to post feeds and speeds info about their projects.
I also agree that trial and error (experimentation) will remain an integral part of the learning process anyway :slight_smile:


@ehendrix . Agreed…so long as it does not involve lengthy downtime waiting for replacement parts because the “trial” led to a major "error":yum:

Yes, and as the Boy Scout’s always have stated
“Always be prepared” :yum: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :crazy_face:
Speeds and feeds in CM already in the Tool selection is a good starting point. I have made a few tweeks in the settings but for the most part those work well.

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