Items disappearing after highlighting to move

A few times when making text or item I will click on to move it to location needed and it either moves to bottom left corner or to center of project. Are there any adjustments I need to make to my computer? anyway any ideas please let me know .

Unfortunately, there are some aspects of the program which result in this.

If you find any especially egregious instances which are repeatable in a current or beta version please send them to us at along with step-by-step instructions.

there’s a few similar reports on this, including where we’ve made a video for the CC to show it happen…

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Do you have another link to that video? I had it open in a tab but I think I clicked one of the popup notifications from the forum and left the page, never to find it again.


the glitch is at 0:16

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Watched your video.Yep that’s pretty much what happened. I had a couple go to center of project also.Thanks

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