J Tech 7W Speeds on Shapeoko

Hi all. Just made the J Tech 7W purchase. Today I installed in on the Shapeoko XXL with HD 65mm Mount. After two test images… wow. Love this thing. I purchased it for a project that I’m starting on. I have 50 soft maple cutting boards that I’m engraving a customers logo into. The logo is too detailed to engrave. The laser is perfect. Im curious if anyone has any experience using this laser with hardwoods. Curious to see recommended speeds. I will need to do some tests for sure but was hoping to save some time with some help.

Hey Ryan! I have the 7W also. Love it also. In general, 80/80 has been a good place to start. You do need to sample it out with the specific wood you choose. There are a lot of good pattern designs that create a grid to show you variations of power and speed. You just print them on a small sample and pick what you like the best! I do start with 80/80 as a general rule of thumb, though.

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Thanks. I did find a nice grid on this thread. N00b Experiences with a JTech Photonics 4.2W laser & S3 XXL

Going to create something like that and test.

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Yup…that looks like a good one.

And…by the way…LightBurn is nice software. I do a lot of design in LB and then export the SVG and bing it to CC to set toolpaths. And…I’m about to create a couple of macros in lightburn that will position the gantry to re-zero X&Y between use of the CNC and Laser. I"ll share those when they’re done and tested (I want to make sure there aren’t small differences due to the mount magnets).


Much appreciated. Thank you!

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