J tech laseron shapeoko

Does anyone have this product? How well does it cut wood?

I looked at it but haven’t made the investment yet. Debating whether to try that or try one of the $300ish aluminum frame cutter/engravers on amazon.

Bought it, but have to wait a few months to mount and use it. It’s a diode laser and not really made for cutting through wood. You need a CO2 laser to do that, but you can always engrave with it and cut out with your Shapeoko. Those aluminum frame ones are also diode lasers, but you don’t have a support company here, which is why I went with the J-Tech.

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Yes I was just wondering because I have to cut such tiny pieces and the keep breaking even with a 1/32 bit.

Yeah I was really just looking for engraving. No room for a larger co2 based laser sadly.