JackHammer Bitsetter

Hi All,
I just installed the BitSetter. I really like the idea.
At the moment, when I turn on the machine it starts to jackhammer, the z-gantry is slamming down on Initialize machine command and then rises, then slams down again and again. I will look for other posts on this as well. Thanks in advance for applicable advice!

There are several things which will cause the Z-axis to move down rather than up or to run in reverse:

  • incorrect Grbl setting — make sure that those have been sent — https://docs.carbide3d.com/support/carbideupdater/#carbide-motion-v4
  • Z-axis spindle carriage plate installed upside down — the static pulley should be on the left when viewed from the front — remove and rotate and reinstall
  • stuck homing switch or other electronic sensor incorrectly wired — if the system starts in an alarm mode it will cause the axes to move away from the switches, unfortunately, it can’t identify which switch is which — check that the matching lights for the homing switches momentarily light up when the controller boots up and then go off, and that they light when the matching switch is pressed/closed, troubleshooting as noted in the homing switch documentation: https://docs.carbide3d.com/software-faq/home-switch-troubleshooting/ There is also a Carbide 3D Answer video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P7lOLMAcl_0&feature=youtu.be
  • Z-axis motor or wiring extension miswired — all wiring connectors should be consistent, and all wiring extensions straight through — correct as necessary to make things match the other motors which are working correctly
  • bad stepper driver chip — one failure mode for stepper drivers is that they run in only one direction — contact support@carbide3d.com to work out how to replace the controller
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Thanks for the info.

The XXL was working normally before installing the BitSetter.

The Grbl code could be incorrect. I think I entered all of the code correctly per the directions. I will look over the info in the link and try to reset everything this weekend and setup again. The issue is when I press initialize machine, the jack hammering begins. So I power off the machine right away. Maybe, this can be corrected in the MDI?

The Z-Switch springs back after it is pushed inwards.

The Z-Axis motor wiring is unchanged. It was working before BitSetter Installation. It still seems to be working.

The stepper motor was working before BitSetter Installation. It goes down and retracts (repeatedly, as mentioned).

I appreciate your reply and advise.

did you by accident select HDZ when sending the settings?
HDZ has the Z direction reversed…


I think I misunderstood the directions and selected that. Tomorrow I will try to modify that setting. Thanks

So far, after getting out of a loop issue (had to use MDI command $H and then click Send (not enter/return key), I was able to get the XXL back to normal (I hope).

One Question: after clicking “Update Shapeoko Configuration” do I also “Send Config Data”??

Yes (and more characters)
EDIT: and by that I mean, given your initial situation I think it’s better to be sure you have the full config sent
EDIT2: and I stand corrected, in a normal situation and per the BitSetter install instructions, no need to redo the Send Config Data. Ha, I installed the HDZ a long time ago when these instructions did not exist yet and CM looked different :slight_smile:

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Will and Julien, your advice has been helpful. So far:
Machine Initialize homes XXL, then to BitSetter. Is it supposed to go back to home or travel to front and center location before waiting for user input? What is the expected location prior to either zeroing or load file? Thanks in advance.

best workflow is

in CM, click “Change tool”.
Change to the tool you want to be at

then do zeroing as normal

then load the file you want to run and … well run it

DO NOT change the bit ever without using the “change tool” button and then zero, because if you do, next time it recalibrates the new tool it will change the zero you set… it did not know you liked your new zero

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So, Load Bit

  1. BitSetter
  2. TouchProbe
  3. Load File?

the key is that you zero/probe the work piece AFTER the bitsetter has measured the new tool…

Yes, of course. That is important to do because CM needs to have a reference point. It can/t see or know where to start from, so the technician/user/craft person needs to define it. Thanks for the reply.

I had this problem after installing the bitsetter and upgrading CM. In my case it was because the option for the HDZ was selected in the CM settings. I’m not sure if I turned that on by mistake or if that is a default when I upgraded CM. I’m guessing the z direction and speed is different for the HDZ. I turned that option off and the problem was resolved.

same. turned off the option during my second installation. works now.