Jerky jogging fun

Hi guys,
When i jog my shapeoko in any speed or direction it doesn’t do it smoothly.
It will go then stop repeatedly with no set frequency.
Is it a normal characteristic and is there a fix?

Thank you in advance

often this comes from a mechanical issue, the V wheels could be too tight for example, or the belts too loose

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when using the “Fast” jog setting in CM, right ?

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It does it in all speeds and directions.

If it’s in all directions, not a mechanical issue then.
Apart from the “Fast” setting, all other jog steps are not supposed to be smooth if you keep the button pushed, the intent is to click repeatedly to home in on the desired position once you are near the target spot.
If with the “Fast” jog step you still don’t get smooth jogging, I guess it could be because

  • you have an older machine that does not have GRBL 1.1 on its controller ?
  • the computer you are using to run CM is struggling to keep up or has USB communication issues.
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