Job stops mid-process, won't restart (Mac)

Just FYI: Cutting soft wood, everything running smoothly, suddenly spindle stays in one place, doesn’t seem to be working hard, just spinning freely. But doesn’t move for a longish time. Laptop screen has gone to sleep, so I assume it’s related. Wake laptop up, screen says project running, but nothing is happening. Pause and restart, nothing happens. Plug and unplug, get GRBL error, then Project Running screen with blank shape (previously showed 38%). Restart project entirely, will see what happens. Obviously Nomad can’t receive instructions if laptop goes totally to sleep, but wondering why it can’t continue where it left off once it’s woken up again.

I think once your computer goes to sleep, all bets are off.

What I did was, in settings, set the screensaver to come on never and set the power to turn off never. Or, there is an app I believe called Caffeine that you use with jobs that does the same thing.

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I second the suggestion for Caffeine. It’s a free app, and it allows you to selectively keep your machine awake without changing the normal system settings for sleep.

I had the same problem as you describe, and Caffeine solved it.

(Weird coincidence, that my mornings seem to lock up unless I have my coffee.)

Yeah, Caffeine seems like a good solution. Figure it’s also good to be aware of the fact that going to sleep means you have to start from scratch.

Yep, without ‘caffeine’ I had often failed carvings due to the standby (or even just by the Mac turning the USB ports off to standby).

With ‘caffeine’, that hasn’t happened anymore.