Jogging problems

I was jogging my machine a minute ago and was only going in one direction.
It decided to in two directions, and when I let go of the jog key it kept going in the opposite direction!!! Now I am afraid to touch it . What happened? I t was going pretty good. then it lost it’s mind.

Anyone experience this? Is a SO3 XXL

Contact and they will be able to work this out w/ you.

slowly. I had hopes of being able to use this thing to try to make cool things to sell this summer, in an attempt to save my house.

It now is looking to be more likely I will have to sell my XXL_

Wow! The lack of support on this issue is surprising

What does it take to be a member of the so3 “club”

Apparently I do not belong

guess I should change from the grumpy old dude to the homeless guy with an xxl

Jeff, you probably clicked the edge of the button in carbide motion, triggering 2 axis. I’ve done a lot of jogging and have experienced this once in awhile.