Joining/Closing Vectors in CC Build 530

I’m new, and getting into CNC to be able to cut wooden gears for clocks. I import DXF files of a gear, but having a heck of a time joining vectors, especially on teeth. If I highlight a tooth, sometimes the "Join Vector icon pops up, but it will only close the tooth. On other teeth I select a tooth or series of teeth, then hold down SHIFT and CNTRL and click to add other teeth the Join Vector prompt goes away. What am I doing wrong?

I’m assuming this problem also cases trouble when I try to create a toolpath. Some of the cuts are on outside of the teeth like they should be and other teeth are marked to be cut from the inside. ??

Similar trouble working with the spokes inside the gear…

What’s creating those dxf files? Sounds like your gear creation software has an issue.

Please post the file or send it to and we’ll do our best to assist.

There is a gear creation add-on in Inkscape, I’ve not used it much but it appears to be quite good.

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I was an early buyer of Art Fenerty’s (the Mach author through Mach3) gear software retirement project, Gearotic. I was trying to make some wooden gears using free tools (Inkscape, Matthias Wandel’s woodgear dot ca, etc) over 10 years ago and got frustrated. Gearotic’s overkill for a couple gears, but it might be worth a look for more serious projects.

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