Jorge, Meg & Carbide Team

I though I’d post on the forum just to let everyone know how good these guys and their machines are.

I’ve been using my Nomad for about 12 months without so much as a blip until I decided to upgrade to Carbide Motion 4 and I reckon I must have done something wrong or maybe there was a process I hadn’t followed properly…anyway I contacted Carbide 3D and had a response from Meg within minutes and although we didn’t get to the bottom of the problem Meg arranged for a Skype call to U.K. to run through the problem. I took the full 30 minutes afforded me and in that time we had tried a few things until Jorge diagnosed a faulty limit switch.

It didn’t end there though, Jorge and Meg then arranged for a full set of new switches, pre-wired, a new updated Carbide PCB and the installation kit to go with it, sent by FEDEX within 4 days!! FREE!!!

After I had installed everything, I still had a small issue which was resolved by Jorge in a few emails, basically I was getting interference on the probe cycle due to the fan, which isn’t needed for the new boards but I had installed so hey presto I’m back up and running in less than a week!!! That is mighty impressive!

I can’t thank Jorge, Meg and the Carbide team enough and I know for certain that I wouldn’t have received this sort of service anywhere in the UK.
Hats off to you, keep up the good work!


Sing it. The support of the company rocks.


Agreed. Unlike anything I’ve experienced from similar outfits.


Same feedback here. I bought a shapeoko a few weeks ago, and I must say that the very positive things I read in the forums about the quality of support had to do with the decision. The controller on my otherwise perfect shapeoko turned out to require a reset after power-up to work, no big deal but slightly annoying. I contacted support, a few emails and a desoldered resistor later I had a working controller without having to wait for days for a replacement board to cross the ocean (which they offered to send, too). I tip my hat to William & Jorge for taking care of their customers.


Hopefully this post reaches the attention of @robgrz, @Jorge, and @edwardrford. A key principle taught in business schools is the idea of the value proposition, which in short is why a consumer should buy a product or service from a company. Carbide has built a solid machine at a really affordable price, but competition is springing up (look at the recent addition of Carvey to the Inventables line directly attempting to compete with the Nomad).

I want to see Carbide 3d continue to be successful and grow, but the value proposition is not only that they make a solid product, its that they back it up with customer service that is prompt, professional, and helpful. We, as owners and users, see the value of the customer service that is provided and we are doing our part by spreading the word.

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