Just a question for those who are running cc 514

I started using cc 514 just the other day. I set my zero to the lower left and probe just like I did in the old version. When I go to cut the file old version it always started where I set zero lower left and probed from lower left. However with the new version when I go to cut it starts in various different place. So finally I did as Julien suggested and just let it run and all was fine. The cut came out great. Anyone else using 514 and see the same think happens?

The problem of toolpath efficiency is a thorny one, an NP-complete computer science problem known as “The Traveling Salesman” — the problem is there isn’t a generally applicable algorithm which is guaranteed to always have an optimal solution which will run in a reasonable timeframe w/ reasonable computer resources.

If anyone sees an esp. egregious instance of toolpathing in a current version of Carbide Create, please send it in to us at support@carbide3d.com and we’ll do our best to have a developer look into it.

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Have I understood this correctly? When you start a project, CM moves the spindle to your set zero before running the toolpath?

What I’ve noticed (but I’m not sure if this happened before) is that when I run a project, it doesn’t matter where I’ve ‘parked’ the spindle, it runs the project without a problem.

Or is this something different?