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I had to do a couple coats of white acrylic paint, but should I prime first or just go this route? I am super impatient and always use a hairdryer between coats.


Primer makes a better finished product. Some times it takes several coats of paint without primer to get coverage.

Many new paints have primer and top coat together. Stay away from those. A good primer is best.

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Thanks for the feedback! I’ll have to try priming in the future. Do you think a spray primer and an acrylic paint that’s brush applied would be ok? I would like to get into spraying more for quicker, even coverage, but I don’t have a good method to control overspray and not make a mess.

Spray primer is ok. I like the Zinzer in the rattle can. Just shake it up well. I had a router table I built from 2x4 material. I painted it red and it took 3 coats to get rid of the grain. I built another one and primed it and it just took one coat of red paint. As I said earlier the newer paints are primer and paint together. I would stick with primer and then paint. Most modern paint is acrylic based so the hobby store acrylic paint works very well for detail stuff. I use the acrylic paint I get at Hobby Lobby in my airbrush for larger projects but just use a brush for smaller stuff. I like the water cleanup of the brush and/or airbrush. Just let acrylic paint dry well before sanding o r you wind up with paint mixed with saw dust.


Good to know! I have a really nice badger airbrush, but I’m so completely awful with it and don’t have the confidence to not make a massive mess. I struggle with thinning the paints enough to flow. Perhaps I need to revisit this! I usually take a hairdryer to dry the paint faster. I could use a heatgun but worry I’ll melt something!