Just assembled Shapeoko3, Belts bind in X and Y axis

Good morning.

I just assembled the Shapeoko 3 this weekend and noticed that when I manually move the X and Y carriage there is some binding that happens with the belts. I did try to relax the tension and also tighten the belts with the same results.

Has anyone had a similar issue?

Note I have not powered up the machine or run any programs yet.

Hi Dereck,
It is a good idea to do a movement test as you’ve described before powering up for the first time.
Is it the timing belt or the drag chain that are binding?
Can you post a picture?

Is it a jerky bind/unbind feeling?

It’s probably the stepper motors back-feeding EMF into the controller board.

It’s normal.

If it’s still binding with the belts removed, then your v-wheels might be a little tight.

I’ve also found that this happens if belt tension isn’t nicely even on the Y-axis belts.

I removed the belt clips and centered the X and Y carriages. Then made sure the belts had an equal amount of slack and re-tensioned them until the belt had a good amount of snap when you pluck them. This seems to have solved the problem. I also relaxed the V-wheels a bit.

Note: My Shapeoko 3 does not have adjustable height stepper motor mounts. So adjusting the height was not an option during the build.

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